Arc Bio Liquid Fermented Organic Manure (20 Ltr Pack)

Arc Bio Liquid Fermented Organic Manure (20 Ltr Pack)


Arc Bio Liquid Fermented Organic Manure is a 100% Organic Manure suitable for all type of Crops, Fruits & Vegetables.

Quantity: 20 Litre

Minimum Order Value Rs.5000 for Free Home Delivery All India.

To be used with Arc Bio Solid Fermented Organic Manure for best results



  1. Increases the organic carbon and other nutrients in the soil.
  2. Increases the microbial activity of soil. These microbes complete the nutrient requirement according to the type of crop.
  3. Acts as a natural pesticide and insecticide. It repels away harmful pests and insects.



  • Pack Size 20 Ltr
  • For all crops & vegetables: Per Acre Dose 5 Ltr
  • Mix 5 Ltr Khaad with 100 Ltr-200 Ltr Water
  • Use with drip irrigation, flood irrigation or direct spray
  • Repeat after 7 days
  • For small fruit plants use 50 ml khaad per plant
  • For large fruit plants use 200 ml khaad per plant
  • Repeat after 2-3 Months.

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