Arc Bio Special Solid Khaad (25 Kg Pack)

Arc Bio Special Solid Khaad (25 Kg Pack)


Arc Bio Special Solid Khaad is a 100% Organic Manure suitable for all types of Crops, Fruits & Vegetables. 

Quantity: 25 Kg
Minimum Order Value Rs.5000 for Free Home Delivery All India.

To be used with Arc Bio Special Liquid Khaad for best results.



  • Increases the organic carbon and other nutrients in the soil.
  • Increases the microbial activity of soil. These microbes complete the nutrient requirement according to the type of crop.
  • Increases the disease-fighting capacity of soil and crop



  • For all crops & vegetables per acre dose 25-50 kg
  • Repeat after 21 days
  • For small fruit plants use 0.250 gms
  • For large fruit plants use 0.5-1 Kg
  • Repeat after 2-3 months.

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