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Top-Export-Quality Organic Manure by

Arc Bio Fuel Pvt Ltd - INDIA

Different Names of The Same Product

  • Organic Manure

  • Bio-Organic Manure

  • Organic Compost

  • Organic Fertilizer

  • Anaerobically Digested Compost

  • Cow Dung Fermented Manure

  • Chicken Fermented Manure


  • We produce Organic Manure with the process of Anaerobic Fermentation of Cow Dung, Cow Urine & Poultry Droppings at 40 Degree Celsius Temperature for 120 Days. 

  • Anaerobic Fermentation (Decomposition) is carried out by special anaerobic bacteria, which are very difficult to be cultured.


  • Fully Fermented Manure- Our controlled production process ensures the full decomposition of organic matter.

  • 100 % Organic - Our manure is processed by naturally enhanced environmental conditions.

  • Organic Carbon - This manure is the major source of Organic Carbon.

  • Fungus, Pest & Weed Free - Decomposition ensures that there is no fungus, harmful pests & weed in the composted manure.

  • Suitable for all types of Crops - Our manure can be used for all types of crops, fruits & vegetables.

  • Higher Yields - Farmers can get yields even higher than chemical-based inputs.

  • Improves Soil Structure - Our organic manure targets the soil not the crop. Basically, it increases microbial activity & friendly insects, worms in the soil, which results in the improvement of soil structure.

  • Increases microbial action in the soil - Our manure is a natural food for microbes. It contains millions of microbes & also attracts microbes from the air. The addition of his manure in soil ensures the increase in the microbial population in the soil.

  • Natural Pest Repellent - Our manure is a natural pest repellent in its very nature. This nature exists due to the presence of Cow Urine in the decomposed manure.


  • Eliminates the need for Chemical Fertilizers & Pesticides

  • Better results than Farm Yard Manure, VermiCompost, or any other type of regular compost.


  • We gladly accept orders from all over the globe.

  • We are currently operating at 4000 tonnes per year production & are determined to double the capacity in the near future.


  • As per your requirement.

  • Our standard packing size is 24*36 Inches PP Bag with plastic lining inside. 

  • We prefer to supply manure in plain white bags with our company logo. However, you can send your designs for your preferred printing on bags.


  • USD 0.27 per kg or USD 0.12 per lbs
    *As on 01.04.2020
    *Pricing may change without updating here

  • Includes the cost of delivery at shipping port.

  • Shipping costs are extra.

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Check out this video for a close look at the manure texture.

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