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Production Process

cow dung input arc bio fuel.png

1. Collection of Animal Dung.

Fresh Cow Dung is collected from the local diaries and other Fresh Animal waste like Poultry Droppings on a regular basis.

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4. Solid Liquid Separation

After 120 Days of Decomposition, Manure is ready to be used for farming. All the material is pumped out for seperation into Dry Manure & Liquid Manure.

Arc Bio Fuel Barnala_edited.jpg

7. Capturing Of Bio Gas

Gas produced during the Decomposition Process is captured in Floating Roof Membrane

arc bio fuel cow dung mixing

2. Mixing of feeding material.

All the waste is mixed properly before the starting of decomposition process.

nihalkhera truck application to kinnow 1

5. Production of Dry Organic Manure.

After the separation process, Dry Manure is ready to be used in the farms for production of High Yielding Crops without the use of chemical fertilizers.

purified bio gas by arc bio fue.jpg

8. Purification of Bio Gas to CNG.

With the use of Advanced Technology, the gas is then purified to CNG.

Arc Bio Fuel Barnala_edited.jpg

3. Anaerobic Digestion Process

All the mixed animal dung is Decomposed/Fermented at 40 Degree Tempertaure in the absence of Oxygen. Resulting in complete digestion of the Animal Dung and formation of Raw Methane Gas / Bio Gas.

Liquid _edited.jpg

6. Production of  Liquid Manure .

Liquid Manure is seperated and services are provided for the application of Manure direclty to fields.

bio gas arc bio fuel.jpg

9. Filling CNG into Cylinders.

CNG is then compressed into cylinders for Supply to Various Stations.

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